Trusts & Fiduciary Services

The firm offers support and assistance with any trust related issue including trust advice, drafting of the trust deeds and ancillary documentation such as the letter of wishes. The firm can also assist in the setting up of a Maltese trust or in the re-domiciliaiton of a foreign trust to Malta.

We offer full trustee services through Primei Fiduciary Ltd., which is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a professional trustee.  

Primei Fiduciary Ltd. offers a reliable trustee service which guarantees confidentiality and efficiency. Our trustee company is not only backed by the lawyers of the firm, but also has directors coming from the accounting and banking sector. This ensures a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that the trust is properly managed.

Primei Fiduciary also offers fiduciary holding of assets. Such fiduciary arrangements (also known as mandate agreements) are mostly used for the holding of shares in Maltese corporate structures wherein the beneficial owners want to achieve better confidentiality. Such confidentiality is usually sought to protect the investment from creditors or competitors. 

The company also offers fiduciary and escrow services to commercial clients who may require such services in particular transactions where a trusted third party is needed as an intermediary between the parties. Such an escrow arrangement may be used instead of a bank guarantee or letter of credit. 

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