Compliance & AML-CFT Services

Advocates Primei has a very strong experience with assisting clients with Regulatory Compliance matters and also Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML-CFT) obligations. We have assisted numerous Regulated entities such as Funds, Financial Institutions, Trustees, Notaries, Audit & Accounting Firms, and Corporate Services entities with advice and support on Compliance and AML-CFT matters, including drafting, implementing, and reviewing of their Compliance Manuals and Compliance functions in terms of the relevant legislation and their specific Licence Conditions. We also assist such type of clients prepare for Compliance Visits or assist with any necessary measures or updates following Compliance visits.

We can assist with any of the following:

  1. Preparation of internal procedures, including preparing customers for potential on-site visits by the regulators
  2. Preparation and on-going maintenance of Compliance and AML-CFT Manuals;
  3. Personalised Training courses on Money Laundering and Terrorist financing methods, typologies and trends in order to provide guidance and feedback by transmitting updated information to subject persons;
  4. Regular updates on changes in applicable laws and regulations, as relevant to a client’s business;
  5. Pre-licensing assistance and advice including liaising with the regulators on the licensing requirements and preparing the licence application forms and supporting documentation as required
  6. Post-licensing regulatory and compliance support which may include the services of a Compliance Officer and/or Money Laundering Reporting Officer or support to a client’s in-house officer.
  7. Drafting AML Business Risk Assessment Reports to be compliant with applicable legislation
  8. The carrying out of impact risk assessments for the client to better understand its level of compliance with the applicable legislation.
  9. Corporate Compliance in terms of necessary reporting to the MBR or the MFSA;
  10. FATCA and CRS compliance
  11. GDPR Compliance;

We can discuss an appropriate solution for each client accordingly.

Outsourced Compliance Function

We can also provide the services of an Outsourced Compliance function for Subject Persons or Regulated entities. Our people have substantial experience and have acted in various capacities for Regulated Entities such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Trustees and CSPs.

Our role would see us work hand in hand with the client to create a robust internal compliance culture which ascertains that the entity complies with such entity’s Licence conditions, its AML-CFT obligations and also compliance with other laws and regulations.

AML-CFT Training

Advocates Primei can offer AML Training services to professionals and organisations operating in various sectors to provide practical training sessions to provide practical knowledge on the legal framework in the EU and local legislation for our clients and their employees to be fully aware of their obligations under the law.

These training sessions can be tailor made according to the needs of the client and may include topics such as understanding the concept of money laundering, the AML legal and regulatory structures, the senior management’s and the money laundering reporting officer’s obligations, the conduct of proper due diligence and the implementation of the risk-based approach.