With the firm belief that both the employer and employee have an ongoing need for advice, representation and in-depth knowledge of employment issues, we believe that we have the expertise and experience to guide clients with any HR related support.

We can assist employers with all the legal requirements needed to employ personnel, establishing reasonable but effective employment contracts or collective agreements, managing employee relations and trade union issues and support with any employee restructuring process. We also assist new business setting up in Malta with advice relating to the pros and cons of using definite or indefinite contracts, local employment trends, real employee cost, fringe benefits, allowances and general in sight into  work practices in Malta

We also assist employees with any support needed when negotiating an employment arrangement, advising on and assisting with any wrongful termination or discriminatory decisions in the workplace. 

We offer full support in relation to claims brought or defended in front of the employment tribunal or with the Director of Work or in front of any court of law. We also keep clients informed on any proposed legislation and regulations affecting all aspects of the employment relationship.

The firm provides support in relation to all the following services: 

  • drafting and advice on employment agreements, internal policies and company memos;
  • attainment of a PE number and setting up of an HR structure;
  • employment related tax issues such as taxation of fringe benefits; 
  • social security contributions;
  • pension contributions;
  • pensions;
  • dismissals;
  • redundancies;
  • data protection and privacy issues;
  • equal treatment on the workplace;
  • employment of foreign workers in Malta including certain beneficial tax features for Highly Qualified Individuals;
  • litigation and representation before the Industrial Tribunal and the Court of Appeal;