Family & Mediation

Divorce & Seperation

The process of separation and divorce may be difficult and painful without the right support. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have the right advisors during such time. Advocates Primei has a team of highly experienced lawyers who can understand what the client is going through thereby providing tailor made services in the best interest of the client.

Our lawyers offer advice and assistance on separation and divorce matters of any kind, including children, finances including maintenance, division of assets and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements. During the separation or divorce process, we can work with the client to understand all the issues faced with in order to find the best possible solution.

Wherever possible, we will encourage agreement between the parties, however where no agreement is reached between the parties, we will assist our clients before the Maltese courts in divorce and separation proceedings.

We can also assist our clients in annulment proceedings brought before the Civil Courts.


Mediation involves a series of meetings in which a neutral, qualified and impartial individual, also known as a mediator, facilitates negotiations between parties to assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding their dispute. During a family mediation, the mediator will guide and assist the parties to find a solution for various disputes relating to, divorce, separation, cohabitation, financial and other issues to arrangements for children. Once an agreement is reached between the parties, it is made binding by a court order. For a couple who either has a child or, is marred or, bound by a civil union, mediation is obligatory.

Our team of lawyers can provide constant support and assistance through the mediation process to ensure that an agreement is reached, even in complex situations.

Care & Custody Agreements

In situations where unmarried parents have children, it is always advisable for a Care and Custody Agreement to be set up in order to have a clear delineation of the rights and obligations of each parent. Such agreements establish such matters as the Care and Custody of the child, the principal residence of the Child, Access rights, and Maintenance Obligations amongst others.

We take the welfare of children seriously and our aim is to lessen complex custody issues between the parents. Our lawyers will work with the client to do all that is necessary to protect the child and fight for their rights to reach the best possible solution.

We can assist our clients in drafting and negotiating carefully worded care and custody agreements that work best for the client and the child. In cases where a resolution is not reached through mediation, we will also assist our client before the Family Court.