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Company Formation

We have substantial experience in establishing Maltese companies for clients. We help clients with all that is needed to incorporate a holding or a trading company or possibly a group of companies.

We provide full assistance with the drafting of the Memorandum and Articles, registration with the Registry of Companies, the tax registration with the Inland Revenue Department, opening up of the Bank account, and attainment of a VAT number, if necessary. We can also help the Maltese company liaise with the chosen bank in Malta Maltese companies are similar in concept to the English company and hence international clients can have the comfort of dealing with a vehicle which is well known. A Maltese company offers a great amount of flexibility since the directors may be both individuals and corporate entities and may not necessarily be resident in Malta. 
Furthermore the minimum share capital is set at only €1,200 and Malta has no debt to equity ratios, meaning it can be funded by both equity and loans. Formation of a Maltese company is done by the signing of the Memorandum and Articles, which is a private agreement in nature and does not require a public deed done in front of a Notary. Similarly written resolutions signed by all shareholders are acceptable instead of necessarily convening an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Further information about the basic concepts of a Maltese company please view our factsheet entitled Company Formation in Malta.


Maltese companies offer substantial tax planning opportunities and are nowadays used for a variety of reasons. A Maltese registered company is legally deemed to be resident in Malta and will hence pay corporate tax on its worldwide income. The corporate tax rate in Malta is 35%, however, both resident and non-resident shareholders may apply for a partial refund of the tax paid and thus reducing the tax burden of the structure. Holding companies which satisfy the requirements of a participating holding may also apply the participation exemption and not pay any tax in Malta.

Further information about the taxation of Maltese companies can be found in our factsheet entitled Taxation of Maltese Companies

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