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Litigation and Arbitration

We have substantial experience in assisting clients in court and arbitration proceedings. We always endeavour to give our clients a clear assessment of their legal position which helps the clients assess the probability of success. 

Furthermore before embarking on actual proceedings, we recommend to clients to attempt to reach an amicable settlement. When this is not possible, we then assist our clients in litigation in front of all Courts and Tribunals in Malta or in arbitration proceedings. The firm comprises of qualified professionals who enjoy strong litigation skills and the experience to render an efficient and effective service to our local and international clients on a variety of issues including general commercial disputes, corporate matters, civil actions, debt collection, immovable property issues, employment disputes and also personal and family related matters.
It is pertinent to note that the firm endorses the importance of alternative dispute resolution forms such as arbitration, which help clients find effective and constructive solutions without having to resort to the courts. Arbitration in Malta is slowly gaining ground, especially after the introduction of the Arbitration Act (Chapter 387 of the Laws of Malta) and the founding of the Malta Arbitration Centre. Arbitration usually ensures a quicker process and a less formal forum wherein costs are kept at a minimum, when compared to court proceedings.

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