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Gaming Law

With a well established gambling industry already in place for years, ranging from casinos, track racing, commercial bingo halls to lotteries, with the introduction in May 2004 of the Remote Gaming Regulations, Malta became the first EU jurisdiction to regulate the online gaming industry seeking the prevention of money laundering, protection of players and the safeguarding of public interest. This contributed to making Malta one of the most competitive jurisdictions for the establishment of remote gaming operations with the benefit of both legal certainty and economic advantages. 

The Regulations superseded the previous legislation regulating offshore betting and created a system of checks and balances with an advantageous and competitive regime on one hand and sensible regulation on the other.
Our people have considerable experience in assisting gaming operators to establish themselves in Malta and attain a gaming licence from Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). We also provided on-going regulatory assistance, drafting and assistance with the establishment of services agreements with other providers or gaming platforms, and support in relation to Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (PMLTF) compliance. Furthermore, our firm provides a one-stop shop to our clients within the gaming sector since we also provide expert assistance in other related areas such as employment, tax, company law and corporate restructuring, and other general commercial matters.
We also provide assistance and support to Poker Players who want to take up a Maltese residence. 
Further information about attaining a Maltese Remote Gaming licence can be found here.

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