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Corporate Services

Advocates Primei has substantial experience with providing Corporate services to clients wishing to set up a company or corporate structure in Malta. We initially assist clients with all the planning related to setting up such a company or structure, especially related to the manner in which the company or structure will be treated for tax purposes. We also take care of all the setting up process, including the incorporation of the company, registration with the relevant tax departments, opening of any bank accounts, and registering any employees of the company. We eventually also assist clients with any other ongoing legal and corporate support which may be necessary to ensure the proper management of  the company.

We can provide clients with such services as confidential or fiduciary shareholding (provided through our licensed Trustee company - Primei Fiduciary Ltd.), Corporate Directorship, Company Secretarial Services, Domiciliaiton of Company (registered office), and back office operations.

After discussing the needs of a particular client, we can devise a retainer arrangement depending on the anticipated operations of the company, so that the client can sufficiently plan the anticipated cost of a Maltese entity or structure. 

In terms of law, we conduct a thorough due diligence exercise on the promoters of a Maltese company and of the beneficial owners and people involved in the management of the company. Malta has a very robust Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (PMLTF) legislation which is fully compliant with the EU's Money Laundering directives. This high level of regulation provides additional security to any entity dealing with a Maltese registered company. 

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