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Continuation of Companies

Malta offers the possibility for companies, which are formed in another jurisdiction, to move out of such jurisdiction and migrate to Malta. This enables such companies to change domicile and become a Maltese registered company. This is possible if the home jurisdiction of the migrating company allows such migration.

This process ensures that a company wanting to take benefit from having a Maltese residency can migrate to Malta without needing to wind up. This is greatly beneficial as it ensures that the migrating company retains all its assets and liabilities, and also retains all the contractual obligations and relationships which it already had. 
Our people have substantive experience with such migration process and can help clients with all the necessary advise, planning and execution of such migration plan and all the corporate documentation needed to register and continue in Malta. 
For further information about the Re-Domiciliation of Companies to Malta kindly view our fact-sheet entitled 'Company Redomiciliation to Malta'.

Kindly Contact Us now for further information and advice.